The care and study of recipes

Products prepared by craftsmen and responsibly

The foods that QPetlab cooks for dogs and cats are prepared by hand and responsibly every day using only the highest quality ingredients and human consumption, from producers certified by a controlled supply chain that operates in harmony with nature. The foods of every single diet for dogs and cats are selected by our veterinary nutrition experts. They study and analyze for our 4-legged adult friends, diets with parameters and standard values.
Therefore, in the case of puppies or specific diseases, ad hoc food plans will be studied. The entire range of products for dogs and cats does NOT contain foods made from animal meal, sugars, salts, preservatives, colorings, appetizers and added additives.
No finished products have been tested on animals (Cruelty Free).

Our balanced cuisine and taste

Proteins, vitamins, minerals, lipids, carbohydrates

Like all animals, dogs and cats, to grow and maintain a good state of health, they need a fresh and balanced diet, which contains in the right proportions all the nutrients that our friends need.

A healthy and balanced diet contributes significantly to maintaining and improving health, appearance and mood, while improper nutrition can cause numerous imbalances, as well as being one of the major risk factors for different types of diseases .

This is why our recipes are designed to fully meet the needs of our animal and to keep intact all the nutritive properties of the ingredients, taking into account the aspects that contribute to a healthy and happy life of our friends.

It is important to realize the percentage of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats contained in the selected foods and then proceed to calculate the daily requirement that can be divided into two meals.

The administration table within each QPetlab diet is specific and detailed, as well as analyzed for kg / animal weight.

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