Seminars and Events

QPetlab, thanks also to the collaborations and synergies established with professionals and associations operating in the animal world, is proposed as a Brand on the market able to offer recreational recreational activities, but also educational and cultural to propose and offer a 360 ° wellbeing.

The goal is to build a network of human and non-human, who share the same interests, the same goals and needs by sharing their experiences and knowledge. We believe it is necessary to deepen the issues related to the relationship between man and animal in his daily life, to live a life that is not only more conscious but also healthier and more balanced, a world of which little is known and where we often act for beliefs and common places, rather than for certified skills and proven experiences.

Dog trainers in place

Only by appointment or by booking online, it is possible to book a visit with expert dog trainers who will receive directly at the QPetlab showroom. This is because QPetlab is designed with the aim not only to nurture but to make a change to the culture linked to the animals that have always coexisted with us, preferring quality

In this way QPetlab becomes a project that deals not only with food quality but also with the quality of social relations, quality of dialogue between different species, quality of the proposed initiatives.

QPetlab will periodically host a calendar of events, with “open 6-legged” meetings, for training activities, recreational events and educational events designed to involve associations and operators in the sector and to deepen the themes of human and animal nutrition.

Our intention is to create a network, a “Petwork” of people, who are interested not only in our products, but in our philosophy in general, and are willing to share with us their love for animals.