In the “online shop” area of ​​this website you can order the goods directly via the internet. On this page you will find a brief guide to how to purchase on the website www.qpetlab.it.

We invite you to read carefully the information provided here.

Registration on the site

To purchase online you do not need to register on the site: you can place an order without being registered, providing your data from time to time.
However, we recommend registering on the site – before or at the same time as ordering – because registered users are allowed to access their personal user area, where they can:
  • View the order history
  • Manage a wishlist
  • Change personal data and shipping addresses
  • Consult any return requests
  • Monitor the transactions
  • Manage the subscription to the newsletter
Furthermore, the purchase procedure becomes slimmer and faster during the following purchases for registered users.

Purchase procedure

The purchase procedure takes place by entering the products you want to buy in the cart, using the “add to cart” button.
When you finish the shopping, just click on the “Checkout” button to view the products included in the cart and start the purchase process.
Once the order has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a summary of the order placed at the address you have indicated.
In case of non-acceptance of the order – for example in case of non-availability – QPetLab guarantees timely communication to the customer always by e-mail or by telephone.

Product availability

I prodotti possono essere contrassegnati con le seguenti diciture:

  • Available: the product is available in stock and will be shipped in a short time
  • Not available: the product is not available in stock and therefore not available for purchase
  • Delivery in 3-5 days: the product is temporarily not available in stock, but will be shipped within 5 working days
  • Delivery in 7-10 days: the product is temporarily not available in stock, but will be shipped within 7 working days
  • Orderable: the product is not available in stock, but you can order it from the supplier (the timing varies from product to product and you will still be advised on time)
  • Incoming: the product is arriving in stock, but still not available
For more details about shipping times, please read the “Shipping Times” section on the Shipping page.