Complementary “snack” for all breeds and ages.

The snack made with artisanal methods by QPetLab, has been formulated to respond to the requests of our customers and partners. We prefer a closer to human grade product crafting. For this reason QPetLab studied a series of products that best satisfy the taste, the consistency and the friability of a biscuit for human use, working wisely on the best and balanced nutritional contribution, even for a product considered out of the meal. Our tags are clear simple and absolutely complete, leaving the consumer the real perception of the goodness of the ingredients and the absolute nutritional value.

No additives or preservatives added. The product may present small quantities of flour dust not perfectly incorporated, the product may vary in color due to its naturalness.

Q-Snack Classic

with Pork
with Beef & Potatoes “All Week”
with Mortadella & Philadelphia “Happy”
with Tuna

with Blue Fish
with Salmon & Philadelphia “Delicious”
with Anchovies, Green Tea & Guarana “Energy”
Mint taste “Fresh”

Veg & Fruits
with Kiwi & Banana
with Melon
with Blueberry
ACE taste
with Spinach
con Olives
con Pumpkin
con Carrots, Apple Yogurt e Quinoa Seeds
Valerian & Chamomile taste “Relax”

Q-Snack DELUXE (Gluten Free)

with Bresaola “Soft”
with Speck “Gustosa”
with Cotto & Cheddar “Maintenance”
with Bacon & Eggs “English”

with Tuna “3^”

Veg & Fruits
with Purple Carrots “Soft”
with Truffle & Eggs “Taste Plus”
with Tomatoes, Evo Oil e Rosemary “Mediterraneo”
with Olives & Oregano “Italy”
with Ananas & Ginseng “Vitality”
with Papaya “Antiage”
with Green Apple “Everyday”
with Red Fruits “Puppy”

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Cooked with Natural Human Grade ingredients without the use of scraps, flours of waste, additives and dyes and exclusively for Dogs and ADULT Cats without particular Pathologies and Intolerances. The main raw material of every reference (taste) is constituted by the real pulp selected and expertly processed as it is done in our home kitchens. Then everything is steamed in the oven, vacuum-packed in the special transparent food bags and knocked down (with the abatement procedure required by the HACCP regulations) to safeguard and maintain the freshness of the product over time.
As in all the best kitchens for human beings in the world, even in our products of the Q-WET line, they are deep-frozen by subjecting them to a thermal abatement procedure. This allows the rapid cooling of the food, causing the internal temperature to drop down to about 3° in about 90 minutes.

It is ideal for proper storage.
The inducted cold rapidly acts with a bacteriostatic capacity, preventing bacteria proliferation. Furthermore, by freezing the product it keeps intact the “organoleptic properties” of the food.

Basically this procedure is for:
– Break down the temperature of “cooked foods” before subjecting them to freezing.
– Reduce the temperature of “raw foods” to avoid health risks.
– Minimize the possibility of “bacterial contamination of the product”.
– “Preserving the property” of the food, avoiding the dispersion.
– Avoiding the “easy and fast food spoilage” and consequent waste.

The correct storage of food must be done through a freezer at -18° or the home freezer, with a shelf life (expiry) of 1 year. Once opened the package, if you do not want to administer the product in full, it can be kept in the fridge for 2/3 days more.


SOFT, a hypocaloric formula for non-active or sterilized adult animals;

✓ Turkey
✓ Cod

SPORT, a maintenance meal for active adult animals;

✓ Turkey
✓ Beef
✓ Hake
✓ Turkey and Pork

BARF, a biologically appropriate raw food meal for adult animals;

✓ Barf

PROTEIN, a monoprotein line for intolerant or with difficult digestion animals;

✓ Pork
✓ Salmon
✓ Mullet
✓ Beef
✓ Horse
✓ Veal

The simple and natural DETOX for season changes and to gradually return to a “fresh” diet;

✓ Turkey

VEGGY, a vegetarian line in the respect and importance of the necessary nutrients.

✓ Albumi, ricotta and parmesan

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QPetLab has created a complete and balanced dry food with high nutritional value: “Crunchies Flakes”.

QPetLab “crunchy” is a baked product, prepared with fresh meat (beef, turkey and pork), fresh fish (blue fish, white fish, salmon), fresh and seasonal vegetables and healthy and nutritious vegetable fats such as sunflower seeds.

The Crunchy flakes are all Gluten Free, because they are made using gluten-free flour nutraceutical as amaranth flour, whole oat flour and rice flour.

No preservatives, no appetizers!

What are QPetLab “Croccantini flakes”:

  • Baked product, not an extruded product.
  • Complete and balanced meal like the wet QPetLab
  • Pleasant to the taste and fragrant to the smell
  • Light and fragrant, they encourage chewing, therefore digestibility.

Highly nutritious, from the respect of the choice of ingredients for human consumption, with controls and traceability, up to the cooking technique preserving the ingredients to the maximum; thus preserving quality and digestibility.
Prepare exclusively with fresh and natural ingredients (fresh meat and fish, fresh vegetables). They can be called Human grade, since 100% ingredients suitable for human consumption are used.
The lipids or fats used are sunflower and salmon oil, respectively rich in essential fatty acids such as Linoleic acid (omega 6) and omega-3 fatty acids.
Sunflower seeds also contain ascorbic acid, a powerful antioxidant – it is effective for fighting free radicals.

Gluten-free product. Special gluten-free nutraceutical flours are used, such as:

The wholemeal oat flour, with extraordinary nutritional properties: first of all the ability to lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and slow the assimilation of glucose. Considerable also the contribution of “healthy” proteins and fats.

Amaranth flour, It has a high content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Furthermore, thanks to its high fiber content, it has a positive effect on digestion. Rich in protein, up to 16%, with high biological value, compared to cereals, contains twice as much lysine, essential amino acid of which almost all the cereals are deficient. It is not a cereal, it does not contain gluten, it is used for intolerances.

Rice flour, has a high content of starch (over 75%) and a low share of proteins (about 7%), lipids, mineral salts (calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc), fibers and vitamins. It also contains the B vitamins (B6, B3, B2, B1) followed by vitamin E. Rice flour, being a pure starch, facilitates digestion by fighting the possible inflammation of the intestinal tract, helping to weaken the heartburn.

  • All QPetLab products contain no preservatives
  • All QPetLab products contain no appetizers
  • All QPetLab products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, tests of digestibility have been performed in vitro
  • All QPetLab products are gluten-free



Blue Fish
White Fish

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