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A complete and balanced maintenance food for active adult animals.

Cooked with Natural Human Grade ingredients without the use of scraps, flours of waste, additives and dyes and exclusively for Dogs and ADULT Cats without particular Pathologies and Intolerances. The main raw material of every reference (taste) is constituted by the real pulp selected and expertly processed as it is done in our home kitchens. Then everything is steamed in the oven, vacuum-packed in the special transparent food bags and knocked down (with the abatement procedure required by the HACCP regulations) to safeguard and maintain the freshness of the product over time.
As in all the best kitchens for human beings in the world, even in our products of the Q-WET line, they are deep-frozen by subjecting them to a thermal abatement procedure. This allows the rapid cooling of the food, causing the internal temperature to drop down to about 3° in about 90 minutes.

It is ideal for proper storage.
The inducted cold rapidly acts with a bacteriostatic capacity, preventing bacteria proliferation. Furthermore, by freezing the product it keeps intact the “organoleptic properties” of the food.

Basically this procedure is for:
– Break down the temperature of “cooked foods” before subjecting them to freezing.
– Reduce the temperature of “raw foods” to avoid health risks.
– Minimize the possibility of “bacterial contamination of the product”.
– “Preserving the property” of the food, avoiding the dispersion.
– Avoiding the “easy and fast food spoilage” and consequent waste.

The correct storage of food must be done through a freezer at -18° or the home freezer, with a shelf life (expiry) of 1 year. Once opened the package, if you do not want to administer the product in full, it can be kept in the fridge for 2/3 days more.

Leave fresh and clean water available. Keep in a cold and dry place.
To be consumed preferably within, lot, production plant: see packaging. (*) organic ingredients
The product should be dispensed at room temperature or slightly warm.
Frozen product store at -18. Once defrosted it should not be refrozen, it must be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 days.

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Beef, Hake, Turkey and Pork, with Turkey


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