The Story

A story of courage and passion for cooking, animals and the environment!

We are a heterogeneous Team made up of Professionals who come from the Catering, Petfood and Animal Nutrition sectors, gaining particular attention on the issues related to nutrition and quality.
We have long cultivated a passion for animals, healthy food and respect for nature, until we decide to start a new path that combines these principles, launching something completely new and above all, “good” on the market.
The streets have therefore intertwined putting in relation the skills of all, stimulating the meeting and knowledge and carefully studying a line of recipes for dogs and cats, which is healthy but above all balanced.
This is how QPetLab was born

Our keywords:

From the encounter between EXPERIENCE in the field of Catering,
KNOWLEDGE in Nutrition and in the Petfood sector,
the LOVE we feed for our 4-legged friends is born QPetlab!

The philosophy

Fundamental theme: nutrition

QPetlab is a real food philosophy that aims to propose a new lifestyle based on wellbeing, respect for nature, animals and human beings, simply by paying attention to a fundamental theme: nutrition.

The philosophy of QPetlab is linked to some fundamental themes:

  • QPetlab is wellness, health, fun, harmony, play, awareness.
  • QPetlab is NOT a pet food store, but aims to become a point of reference for all those who believe in the centrality of nutrition, both for humans and for animals.
  • QPetlab is a meeting point for those who want to learn and learn about the world of food health and the animal world. Our house is open to everyone, even to those who do not have dogs and cats at home but, despite this, they love animals.
  • QPetlab is NOT homemade or improvised food. Our recipes are the result of a careful study of raw materials, energy and nutritive values ​​and the nutritional needs of our animals.
  • It is NOT a restaurant, but it is possible to have our recipes tasted by your four-legged friend. We have a workshop, a sales area and a staff ready to assist you. There is also an area where animals can play and try food, but QPetLab is first and foremost a place where it is handcrafted and balanced meals for dogs and cats are sold.
  • QPetlab is first and foremost a place where everything is produced “Handcrafted”.
  • QPetlab is an opportunity to learn how to eat, feed and select raw materials.
  • Thanks to our Team of Professionals each customer is guided in the most suitable choice according to his needs or expectations, being able to benefit from the Know How already included in our products.
  • We are able to develop “CUSTOM-MADE” projects with an innovative but at the same time “TRADITIONAL and NATURAL” approach.
  • QPetLab is a garrison of healthy food, products and guaranteed supply chain. We apply the concept of “Slow Pet Food” to our philosophy because we think that eating well is a way to live well and that this principle also applies to animals, not only to humans.
  • QPetlab is Quality!

QPetLab World

Respect, nutrition, nutrition, culture and entertainment information

QPetlab will periodically host a calendar of events, with “open 4-legged” meetings, for training activities, recreational events and educational events, involving Associations, Institutions and Operators in the sector to explore the themes of nutrition.
Our intention is to create a network, a “Petwork” of people, who are interested not only in our products, but in our philosophy in general, and are willing to share with us their love for animals.
Thanks to the collaboration with Associations, Professionals of the sector and Prestigious Universities, the objective will be to provide “food for the mind and for social relationships”, well-being at 360 °.


The intent of QPetlab and who wants to be part of it, is to propose a new 4-legged lifestyle based on:


Of nature, animals and human beings


That of animals like that of men


Healthy and balanced recipes for them too

Information, culture and entertainment

Meetings, Conferences, Courses and Seminars.